The Icon

Launched in 1997, the Baguette instantly became one of the most coveted accessories of the decade, an enduring style icon that women the world over have desired and collected with passion.

A deceptively small, simple handbag to be carried under the arm like the French loaf from which it takes its name, the Fendi Baguette has been produced in over 1000 versions.

An extraordinary and ongoing success consolidated over time. In 2012, a precious book published by Rizzoli depicting the Baguette’s extraordinary repertoire, debuts to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The festivities continue with a flurry of events and contemporary installations featuring the Baguettemania, held in the major cities worldwide, from Tokyo to New York, from Paris to Sao Paulo.

“I was asked, among other things, to come up with a particularly easy and functional handbag. In a certain sense, it had to be technological and minimal, just like the times. My response (fortunately I am indomitably disobedient) was the Baguette: the exact opposite of what had been requested of me. It was an unprecedented success; one of the most desired objects in the world”.
Silvia Venturini Fendi